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Ten years ago, very few people understood our interest in Africa. However, we sustained the good advice of our friends, and kept working. Today we have a very healthy network of connections there, and we believe that most sophisticated people in finance now agree that Africa's star is rising.

We have established partnerships with financial groups and entrepreneurs we have come to know well, in different regions in sub-Saharan Africa, who understand the very specific conditions inherent in doing business in their countries. We trust that from our position in New York, we will be able to help them grow and to work to develop the areas in which they have influence, and that they will join with us in our efforts for Africa's renaissance.

"I am always happy to give Blue Future a recommendation. Their work for my company has been excellent, and beyond that, I know that Barbara has a broad vision for Africa, and a deep commitment to being a catalyst for growth throughout the continent."

  —John Sarpong, Africast

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