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Investor relations for public companies

Our core expertise is the constant refinement of a network of brokers, money managers, and other financial professionals, who regularly invest in young companies, and who like the opportunity to gain direct access to our clients' management. This is the true value we bring to our clients. The roots of our universe of contacts go back nearly half a century, through relationships with retired colleagues, and through our venerated mentors. Thus, we stay well away from forms of IR that mass-market a company. We see no need to produce artificial results.

Before we contract with a new client, we discuss their objectives with them at length, so we understand the steps they have taken, and the pitfalls they may have sustained, before coming to us. If we decide to work together, our next step is to agree on a brief document, which will be our initial tool to garner interest. We send this to the individual brokers or money managers whom we feel will be most receptive to our client's story, who like the exchanges on which our client is traded, and whom we know have the necessary strength. Our goal at this stage is to garner sufficient interest among our network to schedule a series of meetings, in which management will be given the opportunity to impress our broker contacts and to communicate their determination.

We usually begin in New York, with an average of ten to twelve meetings scheduled over two or three days' time. These generally take place in brokers' offices, or in small luncheon or drinks presentations; we like to keep these small to keep brokers' attention keen. A few weeks later, we schedule meetings in another city, depending on the interest we garner. We then keep coming back to these cities to maintain contact, and those brokers who are truly interested in our client work with us to bring their colleagues to hear the story.

We try to schedule meetings carefully, so that management is not kept from the office for more time than is needed to get the work done. While we do prefer to do face to face meetings we can do many introductions by conference call; and we usually ask if our clients are planning other travel, since we do have some valuable contacts in out-of-the-way cities.

Followup is critical. After each series of meetings, we contact each broker, discuss his thoughts with him, and then prepare a detailed feedback report for our client. Over time, this is added to and sifted frequently, until we have gleaned a cadre of strong brokers who know the Company well and are on comfortable terms with management.

"Barbara Manui and Blue Future, Inc. came highly recommended to us from our accountants. After signing their contract, within days we were asked to fly to New York to have multiple meetings. Not long after that we had signed with a brokerage firm right on Wall Street and our gameplan was on. The quickness and bottomline attitude was very impressive when dealing with Barbara and we would definitely recommend her services."

  —Jeff Olweean
      Zaldiva, Inc.

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