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Capital search for public and private companies

We enjoy good relationships with a wide network of licensed groups, ranging from investment banks to broker-dealers to family offices, who can legally conduct a financing on behalf of our clients. If a company contracts with us and is in need of capital, we will undertake to match them with a partner that can raise them the funds they need.

Our advantage to our clients in this area is that we are independent; we're working for our clients, and although we may be friendly with the groups we speak with, our fiduciary relationship is with our client. Thus, we have the ability to introduce a range of different investment bankers and work to generate different alternatives, from which our clients may choose a partner.

We're happiest when we match a client with a skilled group that plans to continue to finance them, and work to help them grow, over time.

We engaged Blue Future to assist our company in seeking the capital necessary to secure additional inventory, perfect new product lines, and initiate a TV marketing campaign.

We found Barbara Manui to have a robust network of contacts within the financial community. Barbara worked tirelessly to secure meetings with key individuals. She understood the value proposition presented by Prevention Pharmaceuticals, and was successful in generating genuine interest in our company.

I recommend Blue Future to any company seeking introduction to a wide range of sophisticated funding partners.

  —Terrence O. Tormey,
      President and CEO
      Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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