Blue Future

International reach

Many of our clients come to us from abroad, and we've developed many fertile relationships with people outside the United States that are friendly to entrepreneurial business. In the current climate, many of these areas are more energized than our neighbors here in the States. Thus, over the last year, we've been expanding our network of connections abroad, especially in China and the Pacific Rim; and we've established a presence in London, perceiving it as a gateway to the practiced and sophisticated financial markets in Europe.

We love to do work which impacts on, and collaborates with, emerging nations. These areas have been underestimated in the past, but we believe they will be the cornerstone of influence in the new century.

Despite our early stage, Blue Future was very successful in introducing us to targeted groups in New York and London which we wouldn't have been able to access ourselves.

Barbara worked tirelessly and was very persistent, arranging conference calls and setting up meetings that got our story to a receptive audience.

  —Gert Caspritz,
      Chairman & CEO
      Rho Renewables, Inc.

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